The Necessity of the Water Reducer in the Working of the Concrete Batching Plant

People who often operate the concrete batching plant may know that the water reducer is commonly used in the concrete work. No matter the type of early strength, standard or the retarding water reducer, the water reducer can be used in everywhere in the concrete work. Due to their universality, there are few people really considering the necessity of the water reducer. Today, I would like to talk about it particularly.

concrete batching plant

1.Add the water to the cement, which forms the so called concrete. Under the action of gravity, cement particles molecules make the slurry form flocculent structure, which leads to the fact that about 20% of water is wrapped in the cement particles and can not flow freely and be lubricated. The concrete which has the poor fluidity can not be used in some engineering construction. So the water reducer is very necessary to increase the fluidity of the concrete.
2.Meanwhile, on the premise that it has reach the minimum requirements of the certain specified strength, the water reducer can be used to separate the cement particles, which lowers the unit cement consumption efficiently, saves the cement to the utmost extent and lowers the production cost.
From the above, we can see that the water reducer is of great significance in the working of the concrete batching plant. So during our daily work, we must pay attention to the quality of the water reducer.

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