The Selection and Purchase of the Commonly Used Corollary Equipment of the Concrete Batching Plant

The commonly used corollary equipment of concrete batching plant includes: sand-gravel aggregate supply equipment, cement supply equipment, material entourage equipment and concrete transportation equipment. Before purchasing, we must have a comprehensive understanding of them. Today, I’d like to introduce the purchase tips to you.
1. The choice of sand-gravel aggregate supply equipment
The commonly used sand-gravel aggregate supply equipment is the belt conveyor and weighing device. According to the terrain and layout of concrete batching plant, we can choose 10m or 15m mobile belt conveyor. We can also adopt the bucket loader, bucket or grab excavators and electronic weighing instrument etc. We can choose suitable types according to the existing equipment and construction conditions.

concrete batching plant

2. The choice of cement supply equipment
The cement is the hydraulic cementing material in powder form. In the process of transportation, we must ensure the sealing and waterproofing of the cement. Nowadays, the cement supply equipment which has been applied widely
includes: screw conveyer, bucket elevator or pneumatic conveyor. Among these, the pneumatic conveyor is the optimal choice, but it consumes a large power.
3. The choice of material dosing equipment
The material adopted by concrete should be in accordance with the strength required by the structure. The material dosing equipment is composed of the feeder and the weigher. The feeder ensures that the material can be supplied evenly. The material of sand, stone and cement can adopt the electro-vibrating feeder; If there is no such equipment, the feeding of the sand and stone can adopt short type belt conveyor and the feeding of the cement can adopt screw feeder. The weighing methods includes two kinds: volumetric method and gravimetric method.
4. The choice of concrete transportation equipment.
The choice of concrete transportation equipment must be in accordance with the terrain of construction site and the situation of the construction equipment. Usually, the ways of transportation include horizontal transportation and vertical transportation. The horizontal transportation mainly includes rail type hopper, concrete carrier, dump truck, aerial ropeway and human cart and so on; The vertical transportation mainly includes crane, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, concrete pump and pump truck.

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