The Precautions for the Arrangement of the Place of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is often used in large concrete project. The concrete mixing station belongs to the joint device of mixing concrete. Therefore, its layout is particularly important. If the installation site is restricted, then it will lead that the concrete batching plant can not be assembled systematically. Only when we arrange the site reasonably can the  schedule of the project be guaranteed. We need to pay attention to the following questions.
1.Choose open place The installation foundation of equipment should be set in open place in order to shorten the feeding period of loader. At the same time, it can also guarantee the convenience of transportation.
concrete batching plant 
2.Ensure the quality of the foundation making When prefabricating the foundation, we should ensure the requirements of smoothness and size so that the installation of equipment is firm and the lap joint is reasonable. Because the quality of foundation will affect the normal work and usage of the equipment.
3. Choose the site of batching unit reasonably We can decide the loading of batching unit based on the size of place, the stack situation of raw materials and the configuration of loader.  
All above are questions we need to pay attention, Hope to be helpful to you!
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