How to Check the System Console of Concrete Batching Plant?

The check of concrete batching plant plays an important role in the safe production of concrete. Each details can not be ignored. Before starting the concrete batching plant, the following steps should be finished.
1. Check whether the limit switch is normal and whether there is any alarm on the running interface of computer.
2. Check whether the concrete batching plant has started the inclined belt and flat belt.
3. Check whether it has opened the mixing console.

concrete  batching plant

4. Check whether the air compressor pressure of gas mixing station source is 0.7MPa.   
5. Automatic production switch of concrete should be disabled. There are some matters need to be concerned for the introspection of concrete batching plant. Please Operate them in accordance with the following steps strictly. Firstly, you should ensure the input signal of computer is normal. Secondly, open the bottom value of the bin, admixture and inlet valve, and each object in the middle position requires careful examination. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. Although the above tips are some simple instructions, you should pay attention to them. I hope that is helpful to you!

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