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MWCB500-500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

MWCB500-500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

MWCB500-500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant,MWCB500 is flexible and practical for highway and railway construction projects with multiple sites and long distance ,such as large square engineering ,airport engineeing ,municipal

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Features and Usage

Main Parts of MWCB500-500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

1. Batching System: The batching system of aggregate adopts speed regulation belt conveyer and volume measuring. The powder batching system adopts stellated feeding device. It is stabile and credible and change prescription rapidly.

2. Measuring System:  volume measuring and electromagnetic speed regulation.

3. Mixer:  High scientific and technological content.The axes are easy to replace, access door on the side of machine. Large capacity and high productivity.

4. Control System: France Schneider electrical component, manual and automatic mode, easy to operate. The user do control on the console.

5. Conveyor (after mixed): A loop rubber belt and It is large capacity.

6. Assemble & Disassemble :  Module type structure, easy to assemble,disassemble and transport.

Application of MWCB500-500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

MWCB500-500t/h is special mixing plant for achieving the continuous even mixing of the variety of stabilized road base materials which has the high matching accuracy (in accordance with the requirements of raw materials), so it is widely used in the construction fields of road, airport, dock and other stabilized road base material construction project.

Item MWCB300 MWCB400 MWCB500 MWCB600
Productivity  (t/h) 300 400 500 600
Complete  Equipment  Power  (kw) 98 118 150 200
Occupied  Area  (LXW)  (m) 44x5 50x5 50x5 52x6
Measuring  Mode Computer  Measuring
Speed  Regulation  Mode Frequency  Control
Control  Mode Semi-auto/Full-auto  Mode
Aggregate  Size  (mm) 60
Measuring  Accuracy  (%) Aggregate ± 2
Cement ± 1
Fly Ash ± 1.5

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500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant500t/h full automatic Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
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